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Wayne Warner’s first studio album in seven years “ALL IN FUN” has it all

From his amazingly crafted writing skills that not only contain great messages – but do so with hooks you can’t shake, to a vocal delivery that you feel. Is it country? – is it Americana? Is it pop? Even Christian? – Well, – it’s ALL of it, and THAT is the genius of Warner and “All In Fun”.

“All In Fun” marks the first studio project for the former Atlantic artist in several years and features an amazing cast of pals to include Taylor Swift, Statlor Brother Jimmy Fortune, Olympic Gold medalist Greg Louganis and a duet with pop Icon Bonnie Tyler. (“Total Eclipse Of The Heart”, “I Need a Hero,” “It’s A Heartache”.) It already boasts a top country charter (Wasted) and a mega dance hit (Rocking Turbo Twang.)

To define the artist has been a challenge to all who attempt it. From his image to his music, he is freshly unique in every sense. Intensely private, the artist has always liked to fly under the radar of celebrity even at career heights. His look, a matchless blend of Hollywood and his home state of Vermont, is described as “messy elegance”. And, when it comes to his music –or anything else for that matter, he dodges being labeled saying with a grin “I will be in a box soon enough.” He has however; ALWAYS used whatever celebrity status he is offered for a larger good which he says “gives reason for his work”

From start to finish, “All In Fun” takes you on an emotional journey with hooks that only Warner can write and performed with an exquisite passion that only he can deliver.

“With Wayne Warner, you don’t only hear the songs, you FEEL them”, says former producer Harold Shedd.

From power ballads that tap into your emotions to the somewhat theatrical rocking back and forth dialogue with Bonnie Tyler on “Something Going On”, the album will rapture you front to back. “Given the range of the emotions Warner has felt over the past few years, I have to say this might be the best I have ever heard him sing”, says Billboards Chuck Dauphin.

“The lyrics are emotionally packed and Warner wrings the most out of them”.



Warner will be taking time out of the studio to highlight his associated Melodical Hearts charity works which has been successful in raising awareness to many causes he is passionate about with drug and alcohol addiction, Foster care and adoption and social equality. His song/video “God Bless The Children” featuring Taylor Swift, The Jordanaires and the all-star Nashville choir became the most successful PSA for The Dave Thomas Foundation (Wendys). https://www.facebook.com/melodicalhearts


CONTACT, wayne@waynewarner.com

BLACK AND WHITE RAINBOWS https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P9xxY6MkTKI

GOD BLESS THE CHILDREN https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tjv5oPsj8go

DARE THE WORLD https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pajbAvtu0Ww

PAINTED HANDS https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SZz6VkxyIg8


A song about daring to dream your dreams

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