Trace Thompson

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Trace considers himself an up and coming singer/songwriter with an ability to entertain the craziest of crowds.

His musical influences range from Bryan Adams to Rhett Akins as well as many modern artists today.

“As an artist, I love to engage the audience on an old favorite with a new twist in an attempt to make it my own!” says Trace

His original music is an expression of his life and others around him.

Many of these songs have been listened to on the streets of Nashville, Tennessee and Red Dirt country venues across Texas and Oklahoma for several years.

Trace says “Feedback has included comments such as “passionate”, “relate-able”, and “fun.” 

“All in all, I’m a musician who loves and appreciates the art, the challenge, and most importantly, the people who enjoy what I do!”


Trace Thompson was raised a Midwest farm boy with direct access to his parent’s vinyl collection.

Music has always been his passion, and he has developed connections with fans and artists through his truth-inspired songwriting approach.

While the showcase is currently empty, Trace’s love for music and the connections made continue to fuel the journey.

Felisha K Photography

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