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Bert Gagnon

Neon Music Country Legacy Radio

Neon Music Country Legacy is dedicated and continuing the visionary work of music radio programmer and creator Bert Gagnon.

Bert’s idea for music radio programming centers around showcasing the songwriters and composers of popular country, pop, folk, bluegrass, blues, and rock songs of our time.

His visionary work led him to create a new radio format that has flourished for many years under the guise of Neon Productions Radio and Musictogousa.

The idea has caught on with many well-known and unknown independent composers as well.




Bert Gagnon

Neon Music Country Legacy will build upon the solid foundation laid by Bert Gagnon for and entertaining, insightful, and lasting archive of words and music.

As Bert always says, “Enjoy music again.”

The one hour radio show will be hosted by Randy Moore.











Randy Moore is not just a local, regional, or national act. Randy is a worldwide act. He’s been featured in concerts and stages from Shanghai, China to Monaco, from Saudi Arabia to Canada.

Randy’s travels and life experiences are well documented and have become the bedrock for his newest and most profound musical work, the new album “Hwy 59” by Randy Moore. The New CD has garnered immediate accolades and recognition.

The first single, “Sunshine State Of Mind” is America’s # 1 Trop-Rock hit of 2016. The subsequent releases from “Hwy 59” have captured the attention of hundreds of radio programmers worldwide.

Randy Moore

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