Matt Williams

Born and raised in Alabama, Matt Williams started his journey of music at the young age of 18 months old. His momma bought him his first drum set for Christmas that year and ever since, “I loved music. Growing up, I would spend countless hours playing on my grandparents piano, simplified versions of songs I would attempt to recreate. As my compassion for music continued to grow, my parents invested in my first keyboard, that I continued to play until it broke. Literally.” says Matt

He realized music was his future during the 6th grade when James Stainback, the band director at Samson High School came to us and asked who would be interested in joining the band. “I jumped at the opportunity and started out playing the xylophone and further played the drums during my band experience.” says Matt

Matt attended Enterprise High School in 2002 and that is where he was able to expand his musical knowledge and had the opportunity to meet Jason Smith and Rob Grice. Jason and Rob were two influential people that helped to establish his foundation and assisted to create the framework for his future. “Jason, Rob and I composed music for our indoor percussion ensemble which rose to world championships in Dayton Ohio. In 2003,my music was published with Jalen Publishing.” says Matt

At 18 years old, in 2004, Matt joined the Army. He deployed for his first tour to Iraq in 2005 at 19 years old with his second Iraq deployment in 2008 and third deployment to Afghanistan in 2010. On August 30th 2010, my squad was hit in an IED attack, resulting in two of my best friends losing their lives, Mark Noziska and Casey Grochowiak. says Matt

“Following the IED attack, I came home for a few months to recover from personal sustained injuries and also battle PTSD and depression. Following my time at home, I returned to Afghanistan in January 2011 to complete my deployment. My term serving within the Army concluded on June 15, 2012.” says Matt

“On July 4th 2012, three weeks after I got out of the military – my father passed away in his sleep – as you could imagine, my world was shattered.” . “Every day was a battle between my military memories, my failed relationships and my father passing. Coping was something that seemed impossible at this time, I directed my life at what I knew best, and that is music.”says Matt

I began writing the story of my life in the form of songs that other people can relate to in many different ways. I tell the world about my life and show I’m not ashamed of who I am and that no one is perfect. Music really can save the soul, along with God. Music can influence people and touch people in ways that people themselves can’t do. My music saved my life in more ways than one and I believe that it can help others as well.

When we leave this world, money and fame will not matter. The question you need to ask is – was I a good person and did I help people when they needed it? If you can truthfully answer those two things, then as a person you were successful. Overall, if I left this world today, for the first time in my life I can say I’m happy and I would leave behind something great. Thank you so much for the support and I love all my fans more than I could ever express. Without you I am nothing. Thank you. To all my military brothers and sisters, I love you and come home safe.

– Matt Williams
“American Made, Southern Raised”

Debut album: You’ll Make Her Cry, released October 2015
5 single releases with 3 being brand new:
1. Southern Man
2. Pedal to the Floor
New released singles:
1. Carry on
2. American Made, Southern Raised
3. Doin’ Time With Me
All music is on iTunes, Amazon and google play

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