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Keeper Of The Plains, Michael Gutierrez

Traditional country resurgence group, Keeper Of The Plains, offers music that must be heard, with a story behind it that must be told.

In 1974, a 44-foot steel statue of an Indian Chief was placed in Wichita, Kansas and became known as the Keeper of the Plains statue, one of Wichita’s most recognized and beloved symbols.

This gift from renowned artist, Blackbear Bosin, quickly became synonymous with the city and left a lasting impression on a young Wichita native, Michael Gutierrez.

Gutierrez was born and raised in Wichita, Kansas where his family fostered his love of country music.

His late cousin, Chris, would drive them to school blasting the now-classic hits of George Strait, Randy Travis and George Jones.

He was captivated by the stories that country music could tell so simplistically, in fact, the genre impacted Gutierrez so greatly that he immediately started his own country band.

From a young age, Gutierrez was enthralled with performing. No matter the size of the venue, being on stage gave him a “top of the world feeling.”

In 1986, a random encounter with living legend Otis Williams of The Temptations led to Gutierrez making his arena debut.

He joined Williams to sing the mega-hit My Girl to a packed crowd. “It felt like I was already a star,” Gutierrez said.

This taste of fame only added fuel to the fire. He continued to perform with various bands at venues and fairs around the Wichita region.

After many years, it was apparent to Gutierrez that if he wanted to continue his country career, he would have to head south.

In 2011, Gutierrez relocated to Fort Worth, Texas where he assembled a group of musicians to back his new band, Keeper Of The Plains, an homage to his hometown.

The move was a necessity for his career, given the opportunities that presented themselves right there in Texas.

Here, the band found its signature mix of blues, soul and red dirt country that sets them apart from the rest.

Their first project, an album titled, Livin’ It Up contained an array of Gutierrez’s influences in each track such as Garth Brooks, Bob Seger and Willie Nelson, among others.


The band quickly caught traction, playing many local venues and fairs which gave them the opportunity to be on the same bill as award-winning country artist Kellie Pickler and hit country singer/songwriter David Nail.

The show proved to be a thrilling taste of what the future was going to hold for Gutierrez.

Now father of one, Gutierrez has always been focused on family. He credits his wife as his biggest supporter and inspiration when it comes to chasing his dreams.

Without them, his latest project would have never come to fruition.

Splitting his time between Fort Worth and Nashville, Gutierrez has been busy in the studio working on brand new music, mastered by Grammy award-winner David K. Shipley (Best Bluegrass Album for The Del McCourt Band).



His brand new single, Keep On Rollin, is the band’s first official release to country radio.

With the inspiring lyrics of a blue-collar worker and Gutierrez’s the current country radio platform.

It’s a career highlight that the band does not take lightly.

For now, it is the perfect step in the right direction, but Gutierrez can’t help but dream a bit bigger.

He aspires to one day take Keeper Of The Plains to superstar status which has never seemed too out of reach.

For, if there is one quote that Gutierrez lives by it’s, “Dreams can be accomplished, you just have to go after them.”




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