Juna and Joey


Formed in 2015 but destined at birth, Juna & Joey the dynamic country pop duo came together as brother and sister to share their gifts given to them by their long genetic line of musicians.

This Country Pop Duo can be found in the heart of Palm Beach entertaining as their rapidly growing fans come to enjoy these amazing artists.

Juliana named “Juna” by her big brother Joey, because he couldn’t say Juliana, started singing at the same time she learned how to talk.



Joey has an insane ability to create music and he plays the guitar, keyboard & saxophone.

This fun loving duo began their journey when Juna was 11 and Joey was 13.

Together they are part of the the up and coming music scene..

Juna and Joey have been busy writing original compositions and are working on their unique style.




Juliana ‘Juna’ Defeo (lead vocalist, songwriter pianist and guitar ) has a sweet and compassionate soul.

Juna is full of energy and takes control of the stage and her fans.

Juna currently attends a school of the arts and performs often.

You can find Juna cooking and baking when she finds some free time because she has a full schedule of school, work and practice.

With amazing dreams, hopes and aspirations she loves hanging out with friends and snapping photos outdoors.

Nashville is a place she loves to visit and her motto is “If you want it ,You have to work for it !”

Watch out for Juna at the next sold out show while she does a ! STAGE DIVE !

Her favorite artists are Maggie Baugh and Adele who give her inspiration.

With a love for her family she aspires to help feed children, giving them happiness and a safe home.



Joey Defeo (vocalist, guitar, saxophone keyboard & songwriter) kind hearted, funny and cool. Joey takes over with his instrumental genius.

Joey attends a school of the arts where auditions play a key role in your acceptance.

Taking the lead on his innate ability to create music you can find him relaxing while he composes riffs on his guitar.

Working hard and playing hard Joey can’t wait to hit the music scene in Nashville and go on tour.

His competitive nature brings him the drive to have a “Top Hit” as he strives to take his creative talents to the stage.

His favorite artists are Brett Young and Bruno Mars who have guided him on his musical journey.

He truly gives his parents all the credit for guiding him to his true passion.

Joey’s motto is “Work Hard, Play Hard”



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