Jeanette Dorel

Jeanette is originally from Brooklyn Michigan.

When she was three she went to the Grand Ole Opry with her family.

She always wanted to live in Nashville and moved to Mt Juliet TN in 1996.

Jeanette is from a musical family and was introduced to all styles of music growing up.

She began her music ministry in 1981, while traveling and singing across the country, until 1987

*Recorded her first gospel album in 1983 in Nashville



*Was in the a top 25 vocalist at Estes Park’s “Praise In the Rockies” 1985

*Female Vocalist of the year 1987 Michigan’s Eagle Awards”

*She appeared on, “You Can Be A Star,” in 1988

*In, 1989 she won Michigan’s Singers Dream Contest

*1990 recorded an independent country project with Harmony Street Records, in Branson, MO

*Jeanette was in her first music video singing her original, “Don’t Ever Go Away.”in 1991

*Jeanette Dorel and Cactus Pie were one of five bands chosen to compete in Detroit Michigan’s, final Marlboro Talent Round Uo



*She performed the Canadian and National Anthems for NASCAR races until 1995

*1997, she won the title, “Ms Paradise Island,” singing an original on the Regis and Kathy Lee show, in the Bahamas

*2007 “America’s Got Talent,” flew her to Atlanta to be on the show

*2011 was on RFD’s, “Shotgun Red Variety Show”

*Christmas Eve 2011 was her Grand Ole Opry debut.

*2016 she was crowned Ms Senior Wilson County




She is not only a singer/song writer but an actress, musical director, model, and an author of her first book, “Son Shine Devotionals,” will be in print soon.

Jeanette loves to volunteer, she loves giving back.

She puts God first, family and country!

Using God’s gifts to help others, is her goal in life!

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