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Daniel Owen is the creator of Missouri Mud Music, which is a blend of Southern Rock, Country and Blues.

All of Daniels songs are original, and definitely will not do cover songs.

His music is gaining radio play by some of the biggest Radio Stations and are becoming very popular.

“When you hear Daniel sing you can definitely hear that down home country style music which demands your attention and is what drew me into listen to him in the first place” Editor In Chief

Daniel was raised in southern Missouri where his mother, Shirley McKinney was born and raised. Her love for Country music came from listening to artists like Hank Williams Sr and Merl Haggard who were early inspirations for Daniel.

His mother bought him his first guitar at 14yrs old and the first song he learned was Ghost Riders in The Sky.

Through his life they moved between Missouri to Illinois to Florida but he always found himself being drawn back to Southern Missouri.

His mother moved Daniel along with his 5 siblings to Illinois during his high school years where he met his high school sweetheart.

After being told by his sweethearts mother that he was from the wrong side of the tracks and would not be allowed to be with her daughter Daniel hitchhiked to Florida where he spent the next 15 yrs.

Another of Daniels passions was building muscle Cars.

He started restoring neglected autos into car show winners in 1985.

His daughter, Georgianna Owen loved going to car shows with her daddy in Florida and Missouri. Georgianna still today shares his passion for Hot Rods/Muscle Cars.

Daniel received well over 20 trophies for a 65 Impala Super Sport that he restored in the mid 90’s.

While in Florida in the 80’s Daniel met several others who played music and they would have acoustic guitar jam sessions.


They played music from artist such as Bob Segar, Eagles, and Lynard Skynard (whom he paid homage to them in his song Climb).

His interests range from old Southern Rock to new Southern Rock such as BlackBerry Smoke.

A friend taught Daniel how to play the drums while in Florida which he played in several outdoor parties and a few bars.

Daniel moved back to Missouri in 1990 and started writing songs from 1990 until 1994 which he did not record. He then sat the guitar down and didn’t pick it back up until 2014.

In 2010 Daniel reconnected with his high school sweetheart, Barbara Schafer/Owen and they married in September of 2010 at which time he started playing music again.


His wife told him that she had never had anyone write a song for her so Daniel wrote “On My Mind” which led to the rest of his CD Simple Life which he terms Missouri Mud Music.

Missouri Mud Music is a unique blend of southern rock country and blues, an exciting style that was created with the help of fine studio musicians.

The rough smoky vocals of Daniel Owen and the excellent sweet guitar work of Daniel Addison along with the other musicians at Tunedesigner created a unique sound that Daniel Owen has coined Missouri Mud Music.

The style of Missouri Mud Music is a feeling not forced. It is music that just happens, music that all people can relate to in their own lives.

Daniel recorded his first CD Simple Life in 2016 with this unique blend of southern rock country and blues.

Many have been able to relate to one song or another which was what his aim was for this CD. Daniel says, “Thank you to all of the friends he has met over the years that have encouraged and supported him with his music, with a special thanks to his wife and children for the push to record his music.



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