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Emerging modern country artist Claudia Hoyser is picking up steam and quickly capturing hearts in the U.S., as well as the U.K., with her organic, swaggery, and sultry sound.

Claudia’s new single, “What Kinda Man,” is now charting on the Music Row Country Breakout Charts and spinning on playlists across the country.

Each week, the powerful single has been climbing the charts, as Claudia trails right behind Burning House singer, Cam.

“I never imagined that my favorite hobby and dream of being a singer could become my actual career… now it’s my whole life,” says Claudia.

Claudia recently caught the attention of popular country music fan pages like Country Rebel, Good Ole Country, Belles and Gals, Keepin it Country and Country Music Nation.

These pages have helped immensely in the social media networking aspect, causing her recent cover of Dolly Parton’s “Do I Ever Cross Your Mind” to reach over 300,000 people, overnight.

Her music can be found on many platforms including Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube and iHeartRadio.

Immersing herself in the studio, between 40 to 60 hours a week, Claudia is fully devoted to finishing her full length album and seems to have surrounded herself a crew that is just as dedicated as she is.

Claudia (23) was introduced by happenstance to her now manger and co-writer, Tony Gross (57), in 2014. They immediately became a power team and have proven that an independent effort can still prevail.


Tony’s extensive experience in the music industry and Claudia’s youthful spirit and drive make for an unstoppable pair. Despite their 34 year age difference, they share a classic artist-manager relationship and have an incredible bond.

“She pretty much pulled me out of retirement, now I can’t shake her! We think maybe it has something to do with us sharing a birthday,” Tony said.

“June 25th, don’t forget it!” Claudia adds. Future plans: Claudia and her team are preparing to release the full-length album titled, “Red Light’s Turning Green,” on the early side of 2018.

Followed by more radio tour dates and live performances, with no end in sight.

“We’re not dropping it until it’s ready! Which has been a blessing and a curse.. I’ve been so lucky to have so many talented people dive in, along with the resources to make this thing sing! I just want our first impression to be as complete and honest as can be, we’re almost there,” said Claudia.

The groundswell started with the unintentional release of her first single, “No Matter What it Costs.” The rough track was initially considered a work in progress until it caught the attention of Big Dog Country Radio’s Pd/Md Stone Hill. Claudia’s manager forwarded the rough mixed, un-mastered recording, to Stone, solely for an opinion. Although, a bit loose around the edges – “Stone said it was “full of swagger, ‘refreshing,’ and ‘highly competitive with today’s country music trends.” He offered to test the song. Listener response prompted him to add “No Matter What it Costs” into rotation, immediately. Taken by this welcome surprise, the “work in progress version” made the playlists of over 20 commercial stations in the U.S. and a few in Europe.

In the summer of ’17, Claudia dropped a surprise EP release called “Steam.” In a hype-driven world, Team Hoyser ran renegade on this one and shared the news with fans as it was released, rather than ramping up the EP beforehand. This prompted a promotional radio tour with no end in sight. Claudia has written over 70 songs with her writing partner to round out her soon-to-be full-length release called, “Red Light’s Turning Green.”

Her acting debut in the Sony/Provident feature film “Wildflower,” (available on Netflix) where four of her songs are prominently highlighted in the film, has spawned more forthcoming acting roles. Claudia also has music placements in Shadow Effect, starring Cam Gigandet, which released in 2017, by Sony.

While Claudia’s full time immersion in music is her primary focus, she is carving out time for another feature film.
Claudia Hoyser is 23 years old and a graduate of Kent State, with a BA degree in Communication Studies and lives in Western New York.
Expect the unexpected from Team Hoyser.

For more information or interview, please contact:
Manager: Tony Gross
(585) 281-7815
Social Links:
Apple Music:
Facebook: Claudia Hoyser (artist page) –

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