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Codie Prevost has just finished recording his 5th studio album entitled “Radio”.

“Radio” consists of 8 songs including the lead off radio single entitled “You Won’t Sleep Tonight” that was penned with one of Prevost’s favorite songwriters Adam Wheeler.

Prevost worked along side producers Jeff Johnson and Jesse Weimen and played a big part in the arrangements and productions of the songs.

The album “Radio” is Prevost’s most personal album to date and really signifies who he is as an artist and person.

Prevost says “It’s crazy that with every project you feel like it’s the beginning of your career again. The growth and experience that comes along with each album is instrumental along this journey of music and I wouldn’t change it for the world.”

The creative design and packaging for the “Radio” album was done by Hal Schrenk Graphic Design.

Schrenk also did the creative design work on Prevost’s “Get Loud” and “All Kinds Of Crazy” albums.

The album “Radio” is currently available exclusively through The Codie Prevost Diaries. Join The Codie Prevost Diaries and gain access to the new album at


I have been following and listening to Codie’s music ever since I first did an article on him back in 2015 in one of my other online magazines. I spend a lot of time at my desk promoting artists through my network of Social Media and online magazines, so rather than listening to music on the radio I will play music from all the artists I feature. Codie’s music is by far one the most played from my playlist of songs to listen to.

If you haven’t listened to Codie’s music, I strongly recommend you check him out.

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  1. I first started listening to Codie Prevost when I went to Twitter. I saw him described as an Indie artist. I had no idea what an Indie artist was, but I listened to the song and I knew I had found something I liked. So I looked him up on you tube and listened to more and more. I started reading the Codie Prevost Diaries, liked what I read and read everything I could find about him. That first song and I was hooked. That just doesn’t happen to me. But I heard something that grabbed hold and wouldn’t let go. I was blown away the first time I listened to Radio. Such a full rich sound, and the songs themselves. And the singer…so much talent. I don’t think of him as CODIE PREVOST!!!! I think of him as CODIE. Aside from his talent he is the nicest most humble people. And he respects what others have to say to or about him. Looking so forward to meeting him. Great article!


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