Annemarie Picerno

Annemarie Picerno has released 4 singles from SONGS FROM NASHVILLE, all written and composed by her experiences in Music City. The tracks are notably unique, and incorporate grassroots Americana, country, folk, and Annemarie’s unique deep bluesy vocal stylings. Each note carefully crafted with Nashville producer Bob McGilpin, her voice intertwines with the sounds of steel guitar, banjo, dobro, mandolin, and emotionally charged lyrics.

After the successful first cut “RAIN” in 2017, a country blues mix with soaring acoustic imagery still playing across the globe, Annemarie released “I DON’T KNOW WHAT LOVE IS” crying with the dark angst of love, mixing lyrical moods of Tammy Wynette, K.d. Lang, and Roy Orbison in her distinctive romantic performance. Both songs hit indie radio Top 40 charts in 2017 along with garnering Josie Music Awards Nominations in Modern & Traditional Country and Female Mixed Genre Artist. She then undertook a large group project inviting other indie artist to join her on another indie chart success “BONFIRE” This inspiring composition features indie artists: Annemarie Picerno, Lisa Coppola, Jimmy Parker, Donna Jo, Benny Pitsinger, and Steve Owen.


Producer: Bob McGilpin/ Co-writer Gene Dipierro. An Americana group number with a global message to bring people together, the song describes passions in life and music, and the burning desire to build a community in love and traditions through people coming together in unity. Throughout history, nations have blazed bonfires through wars, festivals, celebrations, and the letting go of past regrets, to build new hope for a bright future. The soaring melody intertwines harmonies by award winning independent artists championing music and peace to heal the world. The song is also signed with Bongo Boy Records and being distributed across Asia and Europe.

Her most recent release in February 2018, “CLOSER” the 4th track, incorporates elements of various acoustic American roots music styles, including country, roots-rock, folk, pop and bluegrass resulting in a distinctive roots-oriented sound. Already this song within the first month of release is playing not only on country radio and pop radio stations, and placing on top 40 indie artist charts.


Annemarie is happy with the success of switching genres, and radio and fans are embracing her music and variety of talents as an entertainer. Her “Bad Girl” EP was an explosion of sounds and emotions, taking her powerful belt voice to soulful places with vibrations and feelings hidden in metaphors around driving danceable beats. The album is still in regular radio airplay nationally along with the title track “Bad Girl” additionally released on Bongo Boy Records Compilation Volume XIV and Bongo Boy iSpin Radio.

She is excited to continue her studio work in the Nashville studio, and anticipates the full album “Songs From Nashville” to be completed by late 2018 along with launching an original theater production of her works.

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